Florida Tech Team ARES Project Page

Fall 2015 ~ Spring 2016

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Project NameCommand-and-Control Subsystem for Regolith Mining Robot
Team Member InfoPablo Canseco
pcanseco2011 (a) my.fit.edu
Faculty SponsorDr. Keith Gallagher
Dr. Chan’s Website

First Semester

(Aug 31)
Plan, Presentation
Milestone 1
(Sep 28)
Requirement, Design, Test, Presentation, Progress Evaluation
Milestone 2
(Oct 26)
Presentation, Progress Evaluation, Demo
Milestone 3
(Nov 23)
Presentation, Progress Evaluation

Second Semester

(Jan 25)
Plan, Presentation
Milestone 4
(Feb 22)
Presentation, Progress Evaluation
Milestone 5
(Mar 21)
Presentation, Progress Evaluation, Poster
Milestone 6
(Apr 18)
Presentation, Progress Evaluation, Demo Video, User Manual